Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender

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CD Album in Jewel Box with 12 pages inlay.

Artist:              FABRIZIO FANIELLO

Title:                NO SURRENDER


1) NO SURRENDER     - Album Version                 

2) I NO CAN DO -    (Cari Jodoh)                              

3) I WILL STAND BY YOU    (Aku Bukan Bang Toyib)    

4) THE HARDEST THING                                            

5) KNOW ME BETTER                                                 

6) LET ME IN                                                                

7) MY HEART IS ASKING YOU   (Baik Baik Sayang)  

8) HUMAN                                                                    9) SOMETHING REAL                                                 

10) ICONIC                                                                    

11) DON´T WANNA PLAY YOUR GAME                  

12) NO SURRENDER     (Radio Mix)                         

13) JEKK HEMM TAMA   (Baik Baik Sayang)                                   


Product Information

Fabrizio is back! …. „with his best album ever“ has been the comments of some key media people in Germany after listening to the pre-listen copy of „NO SURRENDER“ the upcoming album of Fabrizio Faniello, one of Malta’s most known singer abroad. 

After a self-imposed break of his career he returned with the Single Hit „I NO CAN DO“ in late 2010 with huge success in Europe immediately again (more then record breaking 10 weeks at the Eurovision Top 20 Charts on No. 1 Spot) and the awards of “Video of the Year” and 2nd

 at “Best Male Artist of the Year”  http://www.eurovisionontop.com/awards2011.htm .

During a tour in Asian territories in December 2010 where he performed in major TV Programs, he finally was honoured with the Special Ambassador Music Award of Indonesia and No. 1 Position in their Download charts. http://www.youtube.com/user/fabriziofaniellotv#p/u/3/t2JBPdYO59E

He was surprising the audience at the Malta Song Festival in spring 2011 with an excellent performance of his new song “No Surrender”, which shows a much more confident and mature new Fabrizio.

This single has been released in G/S/A on 29th of March and did the highest new entry in the German DJ Top 100 Charts 

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